Mud Shale shaker for drilling fields

Mud shale shaker is the basic equipment for oil drilling fields. As the original solid control system manufacturer, we would like to say that mud shale shaker plays an important role in the whole solid control system, for improving the high working efficiency. TR drilling fluid shale shaker could increase vibration frequency without stop when there is a big flow and decrease vibration frequency without stop when there is a small flow to extended life.

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Mud shale shaker,drilling fluid shale shakerThere are main two models for mud shale shaker series,they are Linear Motion Shale Shaker & Balanced Elliptical Shale shaker. Usually, Linear Motion Shale Shaker is more popular used than balanced one. On the other hand, there are three more types for linear shale shaker; they are TRZS703, TRZS585 shale shaker and TRPS585 line shale shaker with 4 screens. Different types with different motor power to meet your mutual demands.

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BEM shale shaker|Swaco BEM shale shaker

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