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Mud Shale Shaker

Mud shale shaker is a kind of equipment commonly used for solid-liquid separation, mainly used to screen and filter solid particles in mud, commonly used in oil drilling, coal mines, construction sites and other industries. The slurry shaker screen separates the solid particles in the slurry through the shaker screen, so as to realize the treatment of waste sludge and the separation of liquid and solid.

Mud Shale Shaker,mud shale shaker manufacturer
Mud Shale Shaker

TR Solids Control is a manufacturer of mud shale shakers.
The mud shale shaker consists of a screen and an oscillator. The working principle of the mud shale shaker is to generate excitation force through the rotary movement of the vibrating motor, so that the mud vibrates on the screen, and the solid particles will be separated under the action of vibration due to different sizes and states, and the solid particles will be separated under the action of vibration during the vibration process, the mud will be put on the vibrating screen, and the solid particles will be intercepted by the screen, and the liquid part will enter the collection tank below through the screen to complete the solid-liquid separation. Usually, the slurry mud shale shaker is also equipped with different specifications of screen mesh to accommodate solid particles of different particle sizes.
The use of slurry shale shaker helps to improve the efficiency of slurry treatment, reduce waste disposal costs, protect the environment, etc. When using a slurry shaker, you need to pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that it is working properly.

Mud Shale Shaker Supplier,Mud Shale shaker for drilling
Mud Shale Shaker Supplier

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud shale shakers and solid control equipment. TR can provide replacement mud shale shaker of derrick, swaco mongoose shakers. If you need any one model drilling shale shaker, TR solid control will provide you with a high quality mud solids control equipment. We can also customize the shale shaker for your requirements.

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