Drilling Shale Shaker Factory

TR Solids Control is called the drilling shale shaker factory. Since 2010, TR Solids Control is a manufacturer specializing in the production of mud shale shakers. It has its own factory for the production of shale shakers. The shale shaker production process has passed API Q1 audit. We can produce shale shakers like DERRICK and Mongoose. We can also customize the shale shaker for you according to your needs, because we have a professional technical team. And the shale shaker we produce has passed the third-party test. The production equipment and production capacity of TR Solids Control have also passed the third-party inspection.

Drilling Shale Shaker Factory Technological leadership:

We are not only a drilling shale shaker factory, TR Solid Control has advanced technology and innovation, and designs vibrating screens that adapt to different drilling environments and needs.

Manufacturer of Mud Shale Shakers,drilling shale shaker factory
Manufacturer of Mud Shale Shakers
replacement mud shale shaker of derrick
Replacement Mud Shale Shaker of Derrick
Shale Shaker for Your Requirements,drilling fluids shale shaker factory
Shale Shaker for Your Requirements.
Processing Mission Pump Shaft
Machining Vacuum Degasser Accessories
Machining Vacuum Degasser Accessories

Quality assurance

Thedrilling shale shaker factory has passed API certification, which not only represents that the technical standards and quality of the products have been recognized by the industry, but customers can use it with more confidence.

Customized service

Since we are a drilling shale shaker factory, TR Solid Control can provide customized vibrating screens according to the specific needs of customers to meet the unique requirements of different projects.

After-sales service

We are a drilling shale shaker manufacturer and can provide you with a full range of services, including installation guidance, operation training, repair and maintenance, etc., to ensure that customers get timely help during use.

We are an Drilling Mud Shale Shaker factory. Our factory approval the API, shale shakers have the API certification. TR solids control is the designed, selling, production, service and delivery of Chinese drilling fluids shale shaker manufacturers. We will provide the high quality shale shakers and best service. Your best shale shaker start from TR solids control.

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