Shale Shakers

Shale shaker is a kind of mechanical separation equipment which works by the reciprocating rotary vibration generated by the vibration excited by the vibrator. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator causes the screen surface to produce plane cyclotron vibration, while the lower rotating weight causes the screen surface to produce conical gyrotron vibration, and the combined effect causes the screen surface to produce complex rotational vibration. The screen and vibrator constitute the main part of the shale shaker, the thickness of the screen is expressed by the mesh, usually 50 mesh below the coarse screen, 80 mesh above the fine screen. The vibrator is an eccentric wheel that rotates under the drive of an electric motor to vibrate the screen frame.

The variety of shale shakers, according to the use can be divided into mining shale shaker, light fine shale shaker and experimental shale shaker. According to the running track of the material, the shale shaker can be divided into linear shale shaker, circular shale shaker and fine screening machine. In addition, according to the type of vibrator, the shale shaker can also be divided into single shaft shale shaker and double shaft shale shaker.

Shale shaker has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as mining, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgy and environmental protection. In mining, shale shaker is used to screen ore, coal and other materials; In the construction industry, it is used to screen concrete, sand, stone, etc. In the field of chemical industry, shale shakers are used to screen differentiated chemicals, coatings and other materials.

The advantages of shale shakers include high efficiency, light weight, complete and diverse series, which can meet a variety of screening needs. However, for materials with high moisture and adhesion, the shale shaker may not be suitable because vibration may cause the material to adhere more tightly to the screen surface, causing material congestion or forced downtime. In addition, the energy consumption of the shale shaker is relatively high, and the working noise and dust are also heavy.

Overall, the shale shaker is an efficient and versatile screening equipment that plays an important role in a number of fields. However, it is necessary to select the appropriate model and parameters according to the nature of the material to ensure the screening effect and the normal operation of the equipment.

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