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Separation Process Of Mud Shale Shaker

During the drilling process, the solid-liquid separation process begins when the drilling fluid flows on the shale shaker screen surface after passing through the circulatory system to carry the cuttings back to the wellhead, then through the elevated tank, the buffer tank and the shunting plate till onto the shale shaker.

mud shale shaker|mud shaker|drilling shale shaker

mud shale shaker|mud shaker|drilling shale shaker

Solid-liquid separation is a process, it is impossible to immediately separate all the drilling fluid when the mud fluid just flow to the shaker screen. When a small part of the mud fluid passes through the shaker screen, most of the mud liquid immediately spread out along the shaker screen, forming a layer of mud. Mud layer becomes thinner and thinner with the separation process going on, until at last reaches one certain position,generally called liquid phase termination line. In this process, large solid particles are repeatedly thrown, small particles and liquid passing through the screen into the mud tank to start the next cleaning stage,such as desander and desilter.Over the termination line solid particles continue to move forward until being discharged. The liquid phase termination line is normally located in the 2/3 to 3/4 effective length of the shaker screen when the shale shaker works normally.

mud shaker for sale|shale shaker drilling

mud shaker for sale|shale shaker drilling

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