Shear Pump Sent To Client

Following the delivery of shear pump unit produced for one Guangzhou client, TR Solids control once again received orders for another mud hopper device from one shield construction unit. At present, the shear pump manufactured by TR for a subway construction unit has been sent to the shield site.

Shear Pump|Centrifuge Pump|Drilling Centrifuge Pump

Shear Pump|Centrifuge Pump|Drilling Centrifuge Pump

TR Solids Control is a professional solid control equipment manufacturer engaged in jet mud mixing equipment. If you need jet mud mixer, we welcome you to visit our company to guide our jet mud mixers and shear pumps. If you are looking for manufacturers specializing in the production of jet mud mixing equipment, we will be your best choice.

Shear Pump Supplier|Shear Pump Manufacturer

Shear Pump Supplier|Shear Pump Manufacturer

TR Solids Control has passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14000 environment system and ISO18000 security system certification. Selecting TR is the choice of rest assured. If you are a drilling contractor, we also can provide you with mud shale shaker and mud cleaner as well as mud agitator.

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