Mud Shale Shaker For Drilling Waste Management

In the moment the wind of China’s environmental blowing more and more strong, oil drilling industry, environmental protection is no exception. As the drilling mud in the chemical material, so the waste mud can not be directly discharged, the mud does not fall to the system can meet the environmental requirements. At present, the Tin Shui mud vibrating screen is used as the slurry dry shaker for the initial separation of cuttings.

mud shale shaker,Mud shaker,Slurry shaker

mud shale shaker,Mud shaker,Slurry shaker

TR mud shale shaker exciting force, screening effect is good, suitable for large sediment viscosity of large drilling mud does not fall to the ground system. TR mud shaker sieve to Inner Mongolia drilling mud does not fall to the scene.

drilling mud shale shaker,drilling mud shaker

drilling mud shale shaker,drilling mud shaker

The vibrating sieve of the drilling fluid shale shaker can be adjusted spontaneously so that the drilling mud shaker can adapt to various drilling sites.

Mud shaker is also the most important primary screening equipment in the drilling site, so it is important for you to choose a regular professional manufacturer when you need a mud vibrating screen. Tianrui Petroleum Machinery is a manufacturer of mud and floor systems that specializes in the production of mud shaker.

TR production of mud shaker sieve into a linear vibrating screen and BEM Shale Shaker and variable frequency Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker. Variable frequency Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker on-site adjustment of the exciting force quickly and easily, do not need to stop the mud shaker.

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