The requirements of mud recycling system for shale shaker

Mud Shale shaker is an important part of modern mud recovery system. The requirement for shale shaker become higher and higher especially with the application of new drilling technology.

mud recycling system for shale shaker|mud shale shaker

mud recycling system for shale shaker

Drilling fluid solid control system is mainly made up of drilling shaker, degasser, desander, desilter and mud centrifugal decanter. This system is used for removing solid particles in different size. The mud shale shaker will not only move a lot of larger debris particles, but also to create good conditions for next solid control equipment.

TRPS703 Mud Shale Shaker|drilling shale shaker| Balanced Elliptical motion Shaker

TRPS703 Mud Shale Shaker

In the mud recovery system, mud shale shaker is mainly used for removing cuttings in drilling fluid and other harmful solid particles. The requirement for vibrating mud shaker is not only huge treatment capacity to recover mud fluid in large amount, but also can remove the harmful particles as much as possible, the best is to remove the harmful particles smaller than the screen hole. This special basic requirement promotes the development of drilling fluid shale shaker. The main requirements of the drilling shale shaker are to improve the reliability of the machine and spare parts, especially the screen.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shakers|Swaco Mongoose Shaker|swaco shale shaker

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shakers

The linear shale shaker produced by TR has gained the API certification, and has been recognized and recommended by the major drilling contractor. We mainly produce linear shale shaker and elliptical vibrating shaker. The newest variable frequency vibration shakers are used in the major oil fields step by step.


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