Linear Shale Shaker is Widely Used

In current oil drilling fluid purification equipment,the linear motion shale shaker, circular motion shale shaker and balanced  elliptical shale shaker are widely used . The circular shale shaker has the worst separation effect.

Drilling Mud Shaker|Drilling Linear Shaker|drilling rig shale shaker

Drilling Mud Shaker|Drilling Linear Shaker|drilling rig shale shaker

Balanced elliptical shale shaker is generally refers to the screen box doing horizontal movement and at the same time doing rotating movement around its mass center, that is, the screen box to do the general plane movement. As a result, the moving track of the inlet and outlet of the shaker screen box is ellipse, and the extension line of the elliptical long axis intersects at 45 degrees above or below the screen surface.So the balanced elliptical shale shaker has the best purifying effect on the drilling fluid.We must pay attention to the ellipse’s long axis direction in designing of the balanced elliptical shale shaker.

BEM Shale Shaker|Linear Vibrating Screen|drilling shale  shakers

BEM Shale Shaker|Linear Vibrating Screen

The transverse amplitude of the screen of the balanced elliptical vibrating screen is larger than the normal amplitude, and the maximum transverse acceleration is greater than the maximum normal acceleration. This design can improve the average conveying speed of cuttings and better cuttings removal.

shale shkaer manual|shale shaker picture|drilling shaker image|shale shaker for sale

shale shkaer manual|shale shaker picture|drilling shaker image

The perfect-designed elliptical shale shaker combines the advantages of the linear motion shale shaker and the circular shale shaker.The ellipse long axis is the component of the enhanced elimination of the cuttings, while the short axis is the component to promote the drilling fluid through screen. The good performance balanced elliptical shale shaker can solve the screen paste problem.

The design of the balanced elliptical shale shaker is very complicated, The performance of the slurry elliptical shale shaker differs from different manufacturers. Xi’an TR is a professional designer and producer of mud shale shaker. Xi’an TR can customize different mud shaker according to your need.

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