BEM Shale Shaker For Oil Drilling

BEM shale shaker performance easily justified replacing the remaining shakers; combined performance reduced our waste disposal costs by more than 40%. Moreover, our mud costs were reduced by more than 25%.

BEM Shale Shaker|Mongoose PT Shaker|Mud Shaker

BEM Shale Shaker|Mongoose PT Shaker|Mud Shaker

The shakers and screens have to not only handle extreme solids loading, but also are subjected to a viscous, sticky tar that readily coats and plugs the screen mesh.

Normal drilling operations using the original shaker configuration were plagued by a number of problems, including:

  1. Continual tar accretion causing excessive screen blinding.
  2. Excessively wet cuttings.
  3. Increased mud dilution and subsequent increased cost caused by high surface losses.
  4. Excessive drilling waste.
  5. Poor screen life caused by high solids loading.

The Solution

BEM Shale Shakers showed immediate improvement in fluid handling and solids capacity. Screens were upgraded from 84 mesh (generic screens) to 110 XR* and 150 XR Mesh on the BEM shale shakers. The cuttings were noticeably dryer; one shaker was able to handle the full fluid flow of 2.5 m3/min (660 gal/min).

BEM Shale Shaker Manufacturer|Swaco PT Shaker

BEM Shale Shaker Manufacturer|Swaco PT Shaker

The Results

Installation of the BEM Shale shakers immediately improved overall solids-control efficiency and had a significant impact on the project cost. Drilling fluid costs were substantially reduced by as much as 25% while waste disposal volumes and costs were also reduced by as much as 40%. This helped reduce the final project costs to approximately 25% below estimates. The improved shaker with its unique dual motion capability and shaker screen performance also resulted in a marked decrease in screen blinding caused by bitumen accretion. The improved shaker screen life also freed up at least one crew member who had previously been tasked with shaker screen maintenance, reducing personal exposure to the drilling fluid and improving the HSE situation.

TR Solids Control BEM shale shakers outperformed the original competitor high G-force shale shakers by a significant margin, resulting in increased performance and reduced cost. The customer was “extremely satisfied” with the results.

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